What is JTLearn?

JTLearn allows you access to the building trade’s best-kept secrets. With our comprehensive, easy-to-understand learning packages, we’ll teach you how to manage key aspects of any renovation project yourself. We’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to perform like a pro while saving you significant amounts of money.

Why Teach People How To Renovate?

At JTLearn, we are passionate about making renovations affordable. Reflecting on our extensive work in the construction industry over the years, we realised only a few critical elements of each construction job require the skills of a qualified and experienced tradesperson.

Conversely, many elements of any renovation project can be managed by the property owner, reducing the costs associated with hiring a construction professional to oversee all aspects. What’s more, by learning how to perform these tasks to a high and professional standard, you won’t be sacrificing quality.

To give an example, if you’re renovating a bathroom, you might need to pay a contractor $12,000. But by our calculations, the same results could be achieved for around $5,000, if you are willing to commit to doing some of the work yourself. That’s a saving of $7,000! Having said that, you’re going to need certain skills and knowledge to guarantee the project’s success.

For that reason, the experienced construction professionals behind JTLearn have compiled their knowledge of kitchen and bathroom renovations, to develop a user-friendly and easy-to-understand educational platform. By learning with us, you’ll receive the keys to comprehensive, detailed and engaging information, formatted and condensed into 14 modules, and leaving you with the knowledge that will last a lifetime.

The course comprises a wealth of videos, documents and checklists that explain every detail of every step in the renovations process, from planning to completion, including drawing up plans, dealing with tradespeople, plastering, tiling, painting and much more! You can be confident we’ll teach you how to renovate to a highly competent standard, while simultaneously helping you to find the joy in doing it!

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Who is behind JTLearn?

Hello! My name is Josh Dodd, and I’m the owner of construction company and renovations specialist JTDodd. I’m a proven expert in construction and have provided quality building services to happy clients right across Melbourne for more than a decade. 

At JTDodd, we love transforming homes and delivering aesthetically pleasing results, offer improved functionality, and add significant value. With such a passion for making spaces the best they can be, I wanted to share my expertise with the world, by demonstrating how everyone can complete (and even enjoy!) a surprising number of elements within the renovation process.

I come from a family of experienced builders, so construction is in my blood. I remember from a very young age hanging out in my bedroom creating structures with K’Nex or building tree houses from leftover timber out in the backyard.

Fast forward a decade and, at aged 19, I had just completed my carpentry apprenticeship and was beginning to hone my craft, when I purchased my first home. It required a lot of work and turned out to be my first ever renovation project.

After completing my house transformation and loving every second of it, I decided to get my builders license. I bought a Ute, filled it up with the latest and greatest tools the market had to offer, and began subcontracting as a carpenter on construction projects. This is where I learned all about hard work and the importance of quality! From here, I went into business with my father and brother, renovating homes and building new housing developments all over Melbourne.

Now, with over 200 projects under my belt, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the industry, I am at the helm of JTDODD, a professional home renovation business focused on delivering high-quality transformations. JTLearn is an opportunity to share everything I’ve learned and hopefully making the magic of renovations accessible to more Australians.

Discover what the professionals do to complete a renovation in just a few weeks to the highest standard.

JTDodd Clients


“We purchased a house that Josh built and had a professional building inspection conducted on the house prior to purchase.

The person undertaking the formal building inspection told us that it is one of the best examples of quality that he has seen in a long time… that the builder’s prowess and attention to detail was outstanding. We had friends through the house who are also builders and commented on the quality and finish! Well done to Josh, we are would highly recommend him to anyone who would ask.”

Roger & Claire


“Josh and his team were thoroughly professional in the complete rebuilding package they offered me. The design and solutions to my problems were innovative and offered me a better result than I had initially anticipated. The job was completed on time with no fuss.

While I was not necessarily seeking the cheapest quote available. I was delighted that the works came in the right on budget. But the standard of work and service exceeded my expectations.”

Phillip Cox


“As a retired registered builder and now a building and maintenance supervisor for a large organisation in the retirement sector I have no hesitation in recommending JTDODD for your next renovation.

They have now completed a number of renovations for us over an extended period of time and are now our preferred contractor because of their good communication skills, their high quality of work and their pre planning all of which go to taking any stress out of the project and helping the job run smoothly.”

Adrian O’Donnell
Uniting Care Harrison


“I sold a beautiful house that JT Dodd built in late 2018 when the market was very slow. We had a whole range of different people through who all commented on the quality of the build. Myself and others were very impressed with the quality of finish throughout the entire house.

JT Dodd produced both quality and fast build times. Josh is a very professional, registered builder who knows his stuff and truly cares about end result. I would recommend Josh to anyone who would like to renovate & create that new home feeling.”

James Lingwood
McGrath Real Estate

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