When do I need to choose all of the finishes for my renovation?

By: Josh Dodd
2 Mar 2019

Short Answer:

Months before start date

Long Answer:


The 6 P’s sums it up perfectly for us…

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance 🙂

Appearances may be deceiving

While it may appear there is no rush to decide on the colour and style of your bathroom tiles before you sign a building contract it’s important to realise every selection decision has the potential to delay your project.

Example: Tiles for instance may have to be ordered up to 4 months in advance so it’s important to make all of your         selection choices during the design stage of your renovation.

Ordering Well in Advance

Once a building contract is signed a builder will place hundreds of orders with subcontractors and suppliers in order to lock in pricing. If you go to contract with prime cost (PC’s) or Provisional Sum (PS’s) allowances, it’s quite likely that prices will rise between contract signing and orders being placed.

Tip: Keep a record of your selection choices in a spreadsheet to avoid blowing your budget unexpectedly. Faced with endless opportunities to add more and more features to your home it’s easy to get carried away and over capitalise.

Making changes to your selections after signing a building contract can incur delays as new orders have to placed and delivery times may impact the construction schedule. If a selection choice delays construction this will lead to a variation and an Extension of Time (EOT) added to your completion date.

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